Bringing life back to the region

  • Minefields to be cleared by HALO with Angolan Government funding
  • Minefields match-funding could clear
  • Okavango watershed
  • Okavango Wilderness Project Study Area

Angola has some of the world's most important remaining wilderness, including the headwaters for the unique Okavango Delta. The country has the potential to host one of the most diverse mammal populations on the continent.

However, the presence of landmines makes large areas of the headwaters a lethal habitat for both animals and local people. Making the area safe from landmines will not only protect the region's vital biodiversity but also help Angola to develop a conservation-based economy.

In a ground-breaking first step, the Angolan government has already pledged $60 million to clear minefields in two national parks.

HALO aims to match fund this and, with support from foundations, philanthropists and corporations, clear landmines from the entire Angolan Okavango watershed.